As one of the richest and safest city in America, San Jose is a great place to live and to raise a family. Our city is located at the center of the technology hub in Silicon Valley and it is one of the most important business center in the world. Nonetheless, there are numerous challenges that put pressure on our residents in their quest to live in San Jose. Our housing crisis, homeless problem, and property crimes are affecting our quality of lives. As Council, I pledge to work hard in finding innovative and effective solutions to these problems and to ensure that we all can share in the American Dream in San Jose. 



The housing crisis in San Jose is costing families their American Dreams. We must do more to make sure San Jose is an affordable place to live and to raise a family. More housing units need to be built and struggling families need access to affordable housing. 



As one of the richest city in America, our homelessness problem is unwarranted. we need to address our homeless problem with innovation and effectiveness.


public safety

San Jose prides itself as one of the safest city in the country. While we have the lowest homicide rate, our burglary and auto theft are among the highest. These crimes affect the quality of life of our residents. We must focus on reducing the number of property crimes in San Jose.